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Counter Tobacco Podcast : Tobacco Point of Sale Preemption (Episode 30)

Earlier this year, along with our partners at ChangeLab Solutions, we published a resource on this topic called the Tobacco Point of Sale Preemption Playbook. It equips tobacco prevention staff and their partners with the knowledge, context, and resources needed to understand how preemption influences their work. In this episode, we talk through some of [More]

August 29, 2022|Categories: Counter Tobacco Podcast, Point of Sale|

Creating tobacco control policies that work toward health equity

Tobacco control policies must be formulated and examined with health equity at the forefront to directly address health inequities among Black Americans and other marginalized communities. Even the best intentioned tobacco product regulation policies may reinforce racism and the inequitable impact on marginalized communities. We must create more effective policies at both the federal and [More]

August 2, 2022|Categories: Health Equity, Point of Sale, Policy|

Counter Tobacco Podcast: Tobacco-Related Assurances of Voluntary Compliance (Episode 29)

In this episode, we provide a primer on tobacco-related Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC), which are legally binding and enforceable agreements between companies (i.e. big tobacco retailers) and one or more states (under each state attorneys general) in which the retailer agrees to adhere to certain standards and practices to reflect their commitment to the [More]

May 3, 2022|Categories: Counter Tobacco Podcast, Point of Sale|

Healthy POS Webinar Series: The Effects of Preemption and Opportunities for Action in Preempted States

Counter Tools hosted a webinar on April 14, 2022 with special guests from Indiana and ChangeLab Solutions. With the introduction of new preemption bills during the pandemic and existing preempted states, tobacco point-of-sale related preemption presents a challenge to policy action and local control. This webinar equipped attendees with information on the basis of preemption using [More]

April 5, 2022|Categories: Point of Sale, Policy, Webinars|Tags: |

Addressing the Off-Campus Tobacco Retail Environment to Enhance Tobacco Free Colleges

Colleges and universities across the country have had success in using policy to protect students from exposure to secondhand smoke on campus. However, these policies do not address the tobacco retail environment immediately off-campus. Considering the off-campus retail environment in tobacco control efforts can be the perfect next step to further protecting the health of college [More]

March 7, 2022|Categories: Health Equity, Point of Sale|

Tobacco Point of Sale Preemption Playbook

Local governments often lead the way in adopting laws and policies aimed at improving health outcomes and reducing inequities, including point-of-sale commercial tobacco control policies. However, state preemption can thwart local efforts to adopt laws and policies that protect public health and advance health equity. The Tobacco Point of Sale Preemption Playbook, a new resource [More]

February 28, 2022|Categories: Partners, Point of Sale, Policy, Resource|

Report: Surveying How the Tobacco Industry Markets Flavors in Five Midwestern Cities

A report from Counter Tools and Truth Initiative examines how flavored tobacco products are marketed and sold in 5 U.S. cities, with new data looking specifically at e-cigarette products.   Download Materials Summary report: Surveying How the Tobacco Industry Markets Flavors in Five Midwestern Cities  Full report and fSTARS form: Retail Store Assessments for Flavored Tobacco Products: [More]

February 9, 2022|Categories: Data, Partners, Point of Sale, Resource|

Counter Tobacco Podcast: Point-of-Sale Pricing Policies (Episode 27)

In this episode we talk about point-of-sale pricing policies, meaning ways to raise the price of tobacco sold in retail stores. Raising prices is one of the most effective ways to reduce tobacco use initiation, decrease consumption, and increase cessation. Learn how point-of-sale pricing policies, including minimum floor prices and bans on price discounts and [More]

February 4, 2022|Categories: Counter Tobacco Podcast, Point of Sale|

2020 sees increase in cigarette sales and tobacco advertising

The Covid-19 pandemic caused businesses across the world to think critically about their spending. While many industries saw major cuts to their budgets in 2020, interestingly, recent data from the Federal Trade Commission report reveals that advertising and promotion of cigarettes increased from $7.62 billion in 2019 to $7.84 billion in 2020. This corresponds to [More]

November 2, 2021|Categories: Point of Sale|

FDA rejects most flavored e-cigarette products, with critical decisions yet to be made

The FDA recently issued marketing denial orders on thousands of tobacco products, but applications for the biggest e-cigarette brands are still under review. The FDA was ordered by a federal court to take action by September 9th on applications for approval of tobacco products that were not on the market before 2016. Under the pre-market [More]

September 29, 2021|Categories: Point of Sale|

Healthy POS Webinar Series: Alcohol at the POS – Places, Promotions, and Problems

We hosted a webinar in our "Healthy POS Webinar Series" on Thursday, June 17 at 11am EST. Our guest speaker was Dr. Pamela Trangenstein, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior, UNC-Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health; and a leading alcohol researcher. The advertising and selling of alcohol products at alcohol outlets (e.g., [More]

June 9, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Data, Health Equity, Point of Sale, Webinars|Tags: |

Counter Tobacco Podcast: Endgame (Episode 25)

Our latest podcast episode describes the “endgame” for commercial tobacco control toward a tobacco-free future. Learn about possible strategies and examples of places that are already implementing endgame policies. Endgame strategies have been defined as “initiatives designed to change/eliminate permanently the structural, political, and social dynamics that sustain the tobacco epidemic, in order to end [More]

May 12, 2021|Categories: Counter Tobacco Podcast, Point of Sale, Policy|

A Moment of victory: FDA moves to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars

The Biden Administration’s announcement yesterday that the FDA will take action to prohibit menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars is a long-awaited victory that will advance health equity and protect health for all, especially for Black Americans and kids. We celebrate the originators of this movement and those who have been persistent in this long fight [More]

April 30, 2021|Categories: Health Equity, Point of Sale, Policy|

New FTC reports show the tobacco industry continues to focus on point of sale marketing

New reports from the Federal Trade Commission show that in 2019 the tobacco industry spent nearly $6.6 billion marketing and promoting cigarettes and smokeless tobacco at the point of sale.  Figures from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Reports on Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Sales and Marketing Expenditures in 2019, released in March 2021, document a [More]

April 27, 2021|Categories: Data, Point of Sale, Resource|

Addressing Health Disparities Through Alcohol Outlet Density

There are many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives. One of many interesting public health observations is the impact of the pandemic on alcohol consumption. Thanks in part to many bars and restaurants being closed at some point during the last year, off-premise alcohol sales saw a significant spike in spring 2020 [More]

April 1, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Data, Health Equity, Point of Sale, Policy|

Key Components of a Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program

Limiting the availability of products like tobacco helps protect those most vulnerable and improves the health of all. Here are some key considerations for implementing a comprehensive tobacco control program. Tobacco prevention and control work is a key part of public health. We know that tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, [More]

February 25, 2021|Categories: Point of Sale, Policy|

Building Healthy Communities Through the Retail Environment

The retail environment provides many of the products that result in unhealthy behaviors such as tobacco use, poor nutrition, and excessive alcohol use. How can we create a retail environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice? Some important strategies involve addressing the availability, promotion and price of tobacco products, foods and beverages and [More]

February 22, 2021|Categories: Healthy Food, Point of Sale|

Upcoming webinar: Equitable enforcement in commercial tobacco control

Counter Tools is partnering with The Center for Black Health & Equity and ChangeLab Solutions to discuss how local and state partners can advance equitable enforcement practices in commercial tobacco control.  Join us on Tuesday, February 9, at 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT to learn how to apply equitable enforcement strategies to your [More]

January 27, 2021|Categories: Health Equity, Point of Sale, Webinars|

Counter Tobacco Podcast: The Tobacco Control Vaccine Booster (Episode 23)

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Amanda Kong, one of the authors of a recent paper “Boosting the Tobacco Control Vaccine: recognizing the role of the retail environment in addressing tobacco use and disparities.” We discuss how key retail strategies, including addressing product availability, pricing and promotions, advertising and display, the minimum age of [More]

January 25, 2021|Categories: Counter Tobacco Podcast, Point of Sale|
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