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Building healthier communities for all to reduce cancer risk

Researchers continue to uncover how health behaviors– like diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption, and tobacco use– can be risk factors for certain cancers. In fact, one recent study estimates nearly half of all cancer deaths are associated with these potentially modifiable risk factors. The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends a healthy eating pattern, regular physical [More]

September 1, 2023|Categories: Accessibility, Health Equity, Healthy Food|

Making our work more accessible and inclusive in our strive towards equity

For people with disabilities, barriers can make it difficult to function in day to day life. We recognize that being more inclusive is strongly tied to our stance on equity, diversity and inclusion. Over the past year we have been assessing our software tools and websites and implementing changes that improve accessibility. Our work focuses [More]

July 30, 2021|Categories: Accessibility, Health Equity|
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