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Evictions are a public health crisis that needs to be addressed

Update August 26: The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the recent order extending the federal eviction moratorium The CDC issued a new eviction moratorium order to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The looming evictions for people who have not been able to pay rent are a public health crisis that may disproportionately affect people of [More]

August 6, 2021|Categories: Health Equity, Housing|

New Minority Health SVI data available from the CDC and OMH

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health (DHHS OMH) have launched a new Minority Health Social Vulnerability Index (SVI). The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how the social determinants of health directly impact the health of communities. Unsafe or unstable housing, income insecurity, lack [More]

July 23, 2021|Categories: Data, Health Equity, Housing, Resource|

Considering social vulnerability and health equity in COVID-19 vaccine allocation

Health equity is being considered in discussions of vaccine allocation for perhaps the first time in our history. Official recommendations for vaccine distribution may include the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index as a way of incorporating the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on certain communities into determination of priority groups.  The pandemic has heightened focus on disparate [More]

December 2, 2020|Categories: Data, Health Equity, Housing|

Reflecting on Indigenous Peoples’ Day and how to become a better ally

This week marked Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which recognizes Native Americans as the first inhabitants of the Americas. In this tumultuous year as we have renewed our focus on inequities and health disparities, we must be sure to reflect and learn about the experiences of Native Americans and join the movement towards creating a new narrative. [More]

October 15, 2020|Categories: Health Equity, Housing|

Secondhand Smoke Exposure: A Social Justice Issue

Many states and localities have adopted comprehensive smoke-free laws. However, there are over 58 million Americans still exposed to secondhand smoke today. A closer look at which communities are left unprotected reveals clear health inequities and points to a need for smoke-free protections for all as a strategy to advance social justice. The idea that [More]

July 14, 2020|Categories: Health Equity, Housing, Policy|

My Place: That’s So ‘South of Shaw’

"My Place" is a series of blog posts authored by the Counter Tools team that aims to shed light on the impact place has had on each of our lives. In this My Place post, we hear from Executive Director Nina Baltierra. I grew up in Fresno, CA—the center of San Joaquin Valley and, really, [More]

February 15, 2019|Categories: Health Equity, Housing|
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