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Webinar – Innovative Local Solutions in Public Health

We recently hosted a webinar with CADCA GHEA about local-level policy solutions in Maryland and California. These efforts advanced policies relating to alcohol and healthy food. We often see innovative policy solutions tested first at the local-level. In this webinar, you’ll learn about alcoholic beverage regulations in Montgomery County, the sole “control” jurisdiction in the [More]

August 30, 2022|Categories: Alcohol, Healthy Food, Partners, Policy, Webinars|

LGBTQ+ health disparities and targeting by Big Tobacco and Alcohol

For years, the tobacco industry has come under fire for targeting their marketing to specific groups, such as youth and people of color. We don’t often talk enough about members of the LGBTQ+ community being targeted by the tobacco and alcohol industries. These industry strategies contribute to health disparities experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals and highlight [More]

August 30, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Health Equity|

Healthy POS Webinar Series: Alcohol at the POS – Places, Promotions, and Problems

We hosted a webinar in our "Healthy POS Webinar Series" on Thursday, June 17 at 11am EST. Our guest speaker was Dr. Pamela Trangenstein, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior, UNC-Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health; and a leading alcohol researcher. The advertising and selling of alcohol products at alcohol outlets (e.g., [More]

June 9, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Data, Health Equity, Point of Sale, Webinars|Tags: |

Is alcohol essential? Lessons from Covid-19 on how policy impacts access

Many states deemed liquor stores "essential" businesses during the pandemic lockdowns and were allowed to remain open. Other changes such as to-go alcoholic beverages and curbside pick-up helped contribute to a significant spike in off-premise alcohol sales. While these changes may be seen as wins for the economy, it’s important to remember the significant public [More]

May 19, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Policy|

Addressing Health Disparities Through Alcohol Outlet Density

There are many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives. One of many interesting public health observations is the impact of the pandemic on alcohol consumption. Thanks in part to many bars and restaurants being closed at some point during the last year, off-premise alcohol sales saw a significant spike in spring 2020 [More]

April 1, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Data, Health Equity, Point of Sale, Policy|

Success Story: Addressing and Improving the Landscape of Food and Alcohol Products in Wisconsin

We have a new success story about our partner in Wisconsin that serves as a good example of the importance of collecting data about the retail environment, having cross-sector collaboration in efforts, and increasing access to healthy products for the betterment of population health. Counter Tools has partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services [More]

February 11, 2021|Categories: Alcohol, Healthy Food, Partners, Success Stories|
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