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A Study With Truth Initiative Shows That Youth Are Being Targeted With Tobacco Marketing

We partnered with Truth Initiative in 2018 to study tobacco marketing in two cities in the Tobacco Nation. A new form called fSTARS was developed to collect data focusing on menthol and other flavored tobacco products. The data showed that tobacco prices were cheaper in neighborhoods that had more youth, and almost every tobacco retailer [More]

December 13, 2019|Categories: Data, Partners, Resource|

Generally Unhealthy: A Look at National Chains Using Maps

Every morning, I scroll through LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown, an easy-to-digest recap of trending “professional news,” while enjoying my first sips of coffee. I don’t know if the content is tailored to me by an algorithm, but back in January, this headline caught my eye: Dollar General’s secret to success, why scooters are taking off in [More]

August 13, 2019|Categories: Data, Health Equity|

Big Data For Big Good

In this post, Anna Davidson, our Director of Product & Technology, reflects on Big Data and the Internet of Things, and how we can use them for good. While attending a keynote at a recent geospatial health and human services conference, I asked the speaker, 1) what recommendations he has for those of us working [More]

December 21, 2018|Categories: Data|

Getting to Know Your Place Using Data

Happy Thanksgiving! In this post, Project Director Marielle Matthews is ravenous for Census data. I’ve always been captivated by Census data. Attempting to count every person everywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico?! That’s daunting. Even though carrying out such a massive data collection project is an impressive feat, Census data can be—let’s face [More]

November 20, 2018|Categories: Data|

My Place: Hurricanes & Poverty in Eastern NC

"My Place" is a series of blog posts authored by the Counter Tools team that aims to shed light on the impact place has had on each of our lives. In this My Place post, we hear from Business Manager, Beth Turner. A recent Medium piece, North Carolina’s Problem Isn’t Florence, It’s Poverty, spoke to [More]

October 17, 2018|Categories: Data|

My Place: The Stories that Speak the Loudest

"My Place" is a series of blog posts authored by the Counter Tools team that aims to shed light on the impact place has had on each of our lives. In this inaugural My Place post, we hear from Senior Project Director, Charla Rios (Hodges). Being tasked with writing Counter Tools first official post in [More]

September 20, 2018|Categories: Data|

Duke Data+ Partnership with Counter Tools

Led by Counter Tools' longtime collaborator, Mike Dolan Fliss, a team of talented Duke students spent the summer testing the feasibility of emerging methods to capture the locations and types of tobacco retail outlets. Special thanks to Felicia Chen, Nikhil Pulimood, and James Wang for your innovative work. See the full article--plus a video!--here.

August 14, 2017|Categories: Data|
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