We partnered with Truth Initiative in 2018 to study tobacco marketing in two cities in the Tobacco Nation. A new form called fSTARS was developed to collect data focusing on menthol and other flavored tobacco products. The data showed that tobacco prices were cheaper in neighborhoods that had more youth, and almost every tobacco retailer located near schools displayed ads for flavored tobacco products outside.

The pilot study assessed nearly 200 stores in two Ohio cities. In both cities, the data showed that the average price of the cheapest cigarette pack was lower in neighborhoods that had more youth. More than 70% of tobacco retailers surveyed had exterior tobacco advertisements. Of those retailers, over 90% included ads for flavored tobacco products. Almost every tobacco retailer located within 1000ft of schools had exterior advertisements for flavored tobacco products.

The two participating cities received training and technical assistance from Counter Tools and Truth Initiative, and data analysis was completed by Counter Tools. Download the report and white paper below to learn more.

An updated version of the form is currently being tested in three additional cities and includes questions around e-cigarettes among other changes. Stay tuned for more information!

fSTARS form and white paper

Download the overview report from Truth: Colorful and Close to Candy: Surveying How the Tobacco Industry Markets Flavored Products In Stores

Download the white paper and new fSTARS form: Retail Store Assessments for Flavored Tobacco Products: A Pilot in Two Tobacco Nation Cities


Ready to collect your own data using the form? Review our How-To Guide For Store Assessments and let us know how we can help!