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Call to action on home delivery of alcohol by USPS

Counter Tools joins the American Public Health Association’s Alcohol Action Network in urging congressional action on home delivery of alcohol by the US Postal Service.  By law, the US Postal Service is prohibited from shipping alcohol under U.S. Legal Code 18 § 1716. But a new [More]

By |2022-10-11T16:20:35-04:00October 11, 2022|Categories: Advocacy|

Creating tobacco control policies that work toward health equity

Tobacco control policies must be formulated and examined with health equity at the forefront to directly address health inequities among Black Americans and other marginalized communities. Even the best intentioned tobacco product regulation policies may reinforce racism and the inequitable impact on marginalized communities. We must [More]

By |2022-08-02T12:56:55-04:00August 2, 2022|Categories: Health Equity, Point of Sale, Policy|

Mental health risks & resources for BIPOC during COVID-19

Many adults are experiencing high levels of stress during the pandemic, affecting their overall mental health and wellbeing. Inequities in the social determinants of health may further contribute to the effect on racial and ethnic minority groups. Here are a few resources for managing our emotional [More]

By |2020-08-10T10:36:47-04:00August 10, 2020|Categories: Health Equity|

A look at COVID-19 as a time to quit smoking

As new data is continually being published about COVID-19 risk factors, a renewed call for quitting smoking has been sounded. With all of the news and reports on COVID-19, we find ourselves thinking about our work with our partners on healthy living, and more specifically our [More]

By |2020-08-07T15:38:09-04:00April 6, 2020|Categories: Data|

My Place: Hurricanes & Poverty in Eastern NC

"My Place" is a series of blog posts authored by the Counter Tools team that aims to shed light on the impact place has had on each of our lives. In this My Place post, we hear from Business Manager, Beth Turner. A recent Medium piece, [More]

By |2021-08-05T16:40:10-04:00October 17, 2018|Categories: Data|
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