Policy Playbook for E-Cigarettes

University of North Carolina’s Vaping Prevention Resource and Public Health Law Center recently released the Policy Playbook for E-cigarettes. The Playbook provides state and local stakeholders with a framework of policies and practices to pursue, guidelines on policy implementation, case studies, and examples.

As a supplement, Public Health Law Center is hosting a webinar this week, “Changing the Game: A Playbook for E-cigarette Regulation at the State and Local Level” on December 10 at 12 PM CST. This webinar will provide an overview of policies that states and local jurisdictions can adopt to regulate e-cigarettes, including an introduction to the new Policy Playbook for E-cigarettes. Register for the webinar here.

For more on e-cigarettes at the point-of-sale, take a look at Counter Tobacco’s evidence summary E-cigarettes at the Point of Sale.