Counter Tobacco Podcast
The war on tobacco rages on. Its newest battleground – stores.

Since the Master Settlement Agreement of 1998, tobacco point of sale advertisements have invaded places like gas stations and convenience stores. The effects can be devastating to current smokers looking to quit and to children, many of whom have never picked up a tobacco product before in their life.

This episode of the Counter Tobacco podcast explores the history of point of sale marketing as well as what is being done by the tobacco coalition to eventually win the war in the store.


  • The War in the Store
  • Unplanned Cigarette Purchases and Tobacco Point of Sale Advertising
  • Placement of Tobacco Products
  • The Master Settlement Agreement: An Overview
  • U.S. Convenience Store Count
  • Mississippi Seeks Damages From Tobacco Companies
  • Memos Highlight Importance of ‘Younger Adult Smokers’


  • The POS Zone – Retail Visibility
  • Virginia Slims Commercial (1968)
  • Tobacco Issues (NBC Nightly News 1995)
  • R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Consumer Mission (Jan. 1990)
  • Smoking Bans/Teen Smoking


  • Written, edited and produced by Lindsay Miller