Counter Tobacco Podcast
The war on tobacco rages on. So who’s on our side?

This episode of the Counter Tobacco podcast explores some of the national tobacco prevention campaigns going on right now, as well as the most infamous public service announcement of all time.


  • Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Timeline (Formerly Partnership of Drug-Free America)
  • Truth Initiative
  • A Less Defiant Tack in a Campaign to Curb Smoking by Teenagers
  • #StopProfiling: Tobacco is a Social Justice Issue
  • Fresh Empire Campaign
  • Tobacco-Free Videos – Fresh Empire
  • The Real Cost Campaign
  • Youth’s Awareness of and Reactions to The Real Cost National Tobacco Public Education Campaign


  • Your Brain On Drugs
  • #StopProfiling – Truth Initiative
  • Finishers 2.0 – Truth Initiative
  • I Got This – Fresh Empire
  • Long Live – Fresh Empire
  • Face of Dip – The Real Cost
  • This Is Your Brain On Drugs


  • Written, edited and produced by Lindsay Miller