Our Counter Tools team mourns the loss of the eight victims of the Georgia shootings. We stand with the Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities. No one should have to experience violence or live in fear because of their ethnic, cultural, national, gender, or occupational identity.

Tragedies like the Georgia shootings call us to reflect on how we approach equity, diversity and inclusion both as an organization and as individuals. Even with admirable intentions, we often end up perpetuating systems of inequalities, in part because we fail to understand the intersectionality of these inequalities. To eliminate racism and violence against women, we also have to address how the two combine in racialized misogyny.

This senseless act serves as a sobering reminder of our obligation to stand up against racism in its many forms. We recognize racism as a public health crisis, and we will continue to work together in service to our mission and vision by empowering and equipping communities with the resources, knowledge, and understanding necessary to combat racism, health disparities, and inequality.