Our recent quarterly webinar in Counter Tools’ Healthy POS series focused on healthy food and produce prescriptions.

Public health advocates are increasingly focused on interventions that address social drivers of health. With produce prescriptions, healthcare providers address food security in the healthcare setting by connecting their patients with prescriptions for healthy fruits and vegetables. Reinvestment Partners manages several produce prescription programs across North Carolina and partners with Food Lion (a grocery chain) to provide access to fruits and vegetables. These programs are non-medical interventions that improve health, and they hold the potential to effect systems change in healthcare.

The webinar speakers were Neal Curran, Director of Food Programs at Reinvestment Partners and Sam Hoeffler, Food Programs Manager at Reinvestment Partners. Learn more about their work at ReinvestmentPartners.org.

During this webinar, the speakers discussed what produce prescriptions are, how they can improve population health, and the role they can play in altering the way we provide healthcare in the United States.

This webinar is over, but you can view the recording below. You can also download the slides from the webinar along with Massachusetts’ helpful “Food is Medicine” plan that was referenced during the webinar. 

Below is a video by Reinvestment Partners on their produce prescription process for enrollees.

The webinar was Tuesday, September 22nd from 2-3pm EST. Thank you to everyone who joined us!