Counter Tools staff will be presenting at the Healthy Active Communities Conference September 14-15. HACC will be a place to learn about policies & systems changes related to health equity & nutrition security with a weight-inclusive lens.

Healthy Active Communities sets out to explore and expand conversations around the impacts of policy and systems change to reduce chronic conditions in communities through health equity, nutrition security with weight-inclusive approaches.

The 2022 conference will be a great place for students and professionals in national, tribal, state and local public health; community organizations and nonprofits; and, health care and nutrition professionals to contribute and learn. We hope insight from across the United States will foster innovation, enthusiasm, and progress in communities around Oregon and beyond.

Counter Tools staff member Mollie Mayfield will be presenting on healthy retail and the retail environment as a social determinant of health. Other conference topics include Strategies for De-Emphasizing BMI for More Equitable Health Promotion, Racist Origins of Anti-Fat Bias, Food Justice, Marketing Unhealthy Foods to Children (especially children of color), Building an Equity Foundation for Sugary Drinks Policy, and more.

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