Counter Tools has released a stance that defines how we approach equity, diversity, and inclusion with our current partners and clients and those we have the opportunity to work with in the future. Included is our overall vision and key ways we will continue to address equity, diversity, and inclusion.

At Counter Tools, we feel it is important to provide this stance as conversations around race, discrimination, inclusion, justice, and equity have risen to the forefront of discourse in recent times. More specifically, with the COVID-19 pandemic, issues around police brutality, racism, and other systemic challenges, we believe it is key for organizations to be bold at this time and contribute to this important effort. We have given extensive thought to our approach in how we will better address equity, diversity, and inclusion, and we will continue to prioritize this as a focus going forward.

We want to acknowledge that we are not “experts” in this work and are putting careful consideration into what we do and put out there. We are continually learning, referencing credible sources, and looking at other organizations and entities for guidance on how to best engage partners and clients in this work.

This stance presents tangible ways we can help make change alongside our partners and clients. We have always been a strong believer in advancing place-based public health and want to operationalize our work through an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens. We have recently shared our COVID-19 statement, and this equity, diversity, and inclusion stance presents another immediate step in showing our commitment to our partners and clients and our drive for change.

Read our full stance on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion here.


Photo by Wylly Suhendra on Unsplash.