Mapping Tool: Store Mapper

The Store Mapper is an interactive mapping website that lets advocates find and display local tobacco retailer data, like location and policy compliance. The Mapper also analyzes and displays relationships between tobacco retail and other important locations such as youth venues (schools, parks, community centers), and between neighborhood variables such as tobacco retailer density and level of household poverty.

Each Store Mapper is customized with main themes:

  • Tobacco Retailers shows retailers by location and by density, calculating tobacco swamps, or areas of higher than average density.
  • Youth Access indicates patterns of sales violations and compares violations by proximity to schools or neighborhood demographic variables.
  • Policy Tester evaluates the impact on stores of 300, 500, 1000 foot or ½ mile buffer zones that can be implemented to ban, for example, tobacco sales or fast food outlets near schools or parks.
  • Get a Report generates theme reports for download in PDF, CSV or XLSX format. Reports are available for counties, any visible map area (you zoom and decide), or legislative zones such House or Senate districts.
  • Map Legend allows for overlay of demographic variables by census tract (average income, racial/ethnic composition, education) and allows users to turn on or off additional map features such as geographic boundaries or locations. 

View screenshots of the mapping tool:


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